/ Thin places project

Where Heaven and Earth almost meet!

This is an exciting new project for me, exploring thin places. The first obvious question is of course what is a thin space?

Buried deep in Celtic folklore, Irish in particular, is the concept that heaven and earth are only three feet apart. They did however, see some special places as ‘thin’ where the gap was even smaller or maybe it was a crack between the two worlds? Typically these are places of great beauty, mountain summits, wild landscapes, lakes or waterfalls.

It isn’t just about looks though, it’s how a place makes you feel. Some places can draw you closer to something spiritual in an inexplicable way. My first experience of this was as a teenager on a family holiday in Scotland crossing Rannoch Moor, I felt something I can’t put into words, an emotional response to the landscape around me.

Obviously, this concept goes hand-in-hand with landscape photography, and explains to some degree how I was drawn to it. So, this project is to find those places that invoke an emotional response, my own very personal thin places.

I’ll be making regular updates as the project progresses…Watch this space!